Powerful ‘Win the Lottery’Affirmations & Numerology Package

Win the lottery and start living a millionaire lifestyle with this revolutionary package!

Can you imagine how your life would change if all sudden you won the lottery? The life experiences and adventures you would have access to? That’s without mentioning being financially secure and free from any money problems.  Imagine the relief you could have and how it would feel!

This doesn’t have to be only a dream. Our thoughts influence and reflect our reality, and if you can change the way you think you can attract anything into your life – even a lottery win!

What Does the package offers?

  • Powerful Win the Lottery  Winning Affirmation Album
  • FREE Sleep & Sport Headband
  • Become a Money Magnet E-Book
  • Personal Lucky Numbers for one year
  • 3 months ‘Lucky Lottery Days  Forecast’

Things You Need To Agree On Before You Start

  • Do you believe in the law of attraction but find it hard to 100% believe that it can help you to win the lottery?
  • Are you serious about developing your mind power?
  • Are you 100% dedicated to changing your life?
  • Are you 100% focused and committed to attracting a lottery win for real?

If you have this burning desire and you are serious about winning the lottery then our service could help you. This may sound unlikely, but our RESONANCE tunes work in a powerful way which will transform the way your subconscious mind works and the way you think:

  • You will fully believe in your power to attract a lottery win into your reality.
  • Your mind and subconscious mind will be 100% focused on winning the lottery. Through the principles of the law of attraction whatever you focus on will manifest in your life, so with greater focus on the lottery you will increase your chance of it happening.
  • You will believe 100% that you are capable of influencing an event such as the lottery.
  • Your mind will open up. You will become more intuitive and will find your mind naturally aligning with the universe to pick winning numbers.

When you first start using the album you should feel relaxed yet energized straight away. You may also find yourself vividly imagining and visualizing yourself winning the lottery (this is a good sign), and within a few weeks you should feel more intuitive and more open while picking your numbers.

How do the affirmations work?

Order now and you can be listening within just a few minutes and creating a powerful transformation within your mind – a transformation to make you more likely to win the lottery!

Lucky Numbers

The age-old science of numerology uses certain algorithms to calculate numbers that are favorable to the individual. These numbers are called “Lucky Numbers.” They are derived from your date of birth, and the letters in your name.

Does it increase your chances of winning?

Numerology-Lucky Lottery Days Forecast


Everybody has also lucky days when playing the lottery or gambling. With this report, you can also determine what days are luckiest for you to play in the lottery, so you can not bother playing on those days that are less lucky for you. With numerology you can discover which numbers and days are best suited to bring you luck. This means you can increase your chances of winning the lottery by targeting your lucky days and playing when your lucky streak is at an all-time high


FREE Sport & Sleep Headband

These Sleep and Sport Headbands are a comfortable option for people who like to listen the audiobook in bed or while working out, without bulky headphones or uncomfortable earbuds. They are  made from breathing soft material.


2019 Forecast

What will 2019 hold in store for the year ahead? This 1-Year Reading helps you take advantage over the next 12 months. Numerology is truly one of the most accurate and powerful self-help tools available for obtaining a greater awareness of your personality and life’s journey. With your Personal Forecast, simply you can get prepared; what’s ahead.

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