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Numerology Forecast 2017


Numerology Forecast 2017

These forecasts cover the whole year ahead and provide predictions for love, relationships and compatibility, career, work and money as well as health, luck and more. With its help you will find the right path, and you stay tuned in with the best what life has to offer.
This 1-Year Numerology Report helps you take advantage of favorable influences and avoid forces that work against you over the next 12 months.
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The Power of Hypnosis – Download Audio Book

Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book1

Hypnosis can be done many different ways. So many ways in fact, that it’s hard to know where to start. What kind of approach to hypnosis do you want to take. Which ever way you decide can often limit yourself to only some degree. I would like to offer you a chance to understand some of the forms of hypnosis and the level at which they can be used.

Would you like to have more fun, feel happier or perhaps be super successful and have more money? Would you enjoy life more is your phobia was cured or you suddenly became your perfect weight? Would you like to find that people were mesmerized by your magnetic personality, sex appeal, wit and charm? What would make your life better?

Most people live their life beneath a banner which starts with the words “If only”. There always seems to be something which holds you back or stops you from getting to where you want to be. Many things are simply too much trouble. With other things, you just cannot see how to get started. Often it can seem that the odds are just not stacked in your favor.

Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book3

Hypnosis has the power to change that balance and shift those chips over to your side of the poker table of life. Hypnosis can give you the winning edge, the sparkle and the happiness which you crave. Hypnosis is very powerful, very effective and it can be your winning card. Not only that, hypnosis is easy to use. You can put hypnosis to work for you without exerting much effort at all. Let’s face it, it’s pretty easy “work” to fall asleep at night whilst listening to a hypnosis cd, is it not? And that’s all you have to do to get the power of hypnosis working in your favor.

Money Mantra-Mydailyoracle

Let’s look at the most common reasons cited for why someone is unhappy or has not done something or has not achieved something:-


They didn’t know how or where to start.

It seemed that it would take too much effort.

They didn’t think they had the ability.

The time didn’t seem to be right.

They were too busy and just didn’t have the time.

They didn’t have the confidence.

They didn’t have the will power.

They didn’t have the money.

They couldn’t get anyone to help.

Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book4

Hypnosis downloads can give you the power to overcome all of these obstacles. Hypnosis can take down that “if only” banner and replace it with “the world is my oyster”, and give you the confidence and the ability to do whatever you want to do. Hypnosis can give you that magnetic personality and that “uber-cool” touch which you always wanted and yet never thought that you could have.

Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book

Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book

Have you always wanted to use the Law of Attraction to the financial success you want, but didn’t know how? Do you wish you could use the power of thought to manifest wealth and abundance?

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Attracting Abundance and Wealth Hypnosis-Audio Book2

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Follow Your Dreams-Mydailyoracle

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle2

Dreams. What are dreams? Dreams are soul food. Dreams are things that give us hope. And when they come true, they often give us joy and happiness. Dreams are important for us to hold onto, and to follow. I know when I have a dream inside me, and I listen, really listen, and work towards it coming true, I am filled with energy, and hopefulness, and happiness. Often, when people let go of a dream, when they lose it, something dies inside.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle5

If dreams are so important to the soul, to happiness, then why do so many people try to discourage us from following our dreams? Maybe it’s because they’re afraid of seeing us blossom into our full selves, because that’s a place they’ve never dared to go themselves. Maybe it’s because their own dreams have withered away. Or maybe it’s because they’re just scared, scared of the happiness and energy that comes from a person following a dream–and scared of the vulnerability that someone can open themselves up to when they truly follow their heart.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle1

It shouldn’t matter what other people say about your dreams. If you have a dream that makes you feel good, follow it. Don’t let sour criticism spoil your dream. Hold onto it, and do the best you can to make it come true. Hold onto your dream in the long nights it takes to get where you want to go–and notice each small step of success as you get there. Nurture your dream. Nurture yourself.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle7

But other people aren’t the only ones who put down our dreams, or try to suppress us. Sometimes we can be the most critical of our own dreams, by dismissing them or telling ourselves that they can’t happen. When we let go of our dreams, we let go of a part of ourselves. We suppress a part of ourselves. And that can deaden us inside, to emotions, to hope. It can bring a lot of pain–because we’re not letting ourselves reach for something that fulfills us. We’re not letting ourselves try.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle4

Not allowing ourselves to follow our dreams, or even to just dream, can eat away at us, and cause us to become bitter, angry, and self-loathing. But following our dreams–ah, that’s what releases us. Even when it’s hard–even when it’s scary adn we feel liek giving up and we can’t think how we’re going to get there–even then, there’s something that feels right to us, deep in our souls, something that speaks to our hearts and makes us feel alive.

Dreams are vital to our well being, and we should all have them. What can you do to bring yourself closer to your dreams?

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle3

* First, figure out what your true dreams are. It may take you a while to figure out what you really want, so take the time you need. Listen inside yourself, listen to what you really want. It doesn’t matter if you think it can’t come true, or if you think it might be silly. Ask yourself what it is you’ve always wanted to do.

* Ask yourself what’s stopped you from coming close to your dream. Are you afraid, in some part of you, of succeeding? Are you afraid of being happy? Do you think you don’t deserve to have something good, or something that wonderful? Are you afraid of being different than other people, or of appearing silly? Or does the dream just feel too big, too huge to accomplish? Find out what’s been stopping you. Really look at it, examine it. Then ask yourself whether your dreams and your happiness are more important than that thing, and if you can work with it, with those feelings, toward what you really want.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle6

* Think about what you need to do to get to your dream. Write out the steps towards it.

* Then break down the steps you need to take to accomplish your dream into steps as small and as manageable as tiny baby steps. Even if you just do something as small as write down one thing on a list to do, or write down a phone number of who you’re going to call, you’re making steps towards your dream. SARK calls this micro-movements.

* Is anything still holding you back? Figure out what would help you take a small step towards your dream. Do you need to tell someone your dream to make it real? Do you need to allow yourself to feel something? Do you need to write it out in a book, or draw it so you can see it?

* Then hold onto that dream, and keep trying to take mini steps towards it coming true. Try to always be gentle and kind with yourself, always. And when you do do something, even something you’d consider miniscule, celebrate it. Notice it. Know you’re coming closer to your dream. Feel the joy and wonder of that.

So reach for your dreams. Follow them. Believe in them. And they can come true.

Follow Your Dreams-mydailyoracle

What is Your Love Karma?

karma quotes-mydailyoracle

Our love karma is the result of actions from our past and present life. Someone with good love karma may have acted in past-life relationships more often with integrity, love, and compassion.
Someone with bad love karma may have acted in past-life relationships with dishonesty, selfishness, jealousy, or greed. But before you feel guilty for any bad love karma, it is important to realize that we have all been good and bad in past lives. Furthermore, because of guilt or resentment, it is possible to have bad love karma without having done anything wrong.

karma quotes-mydailyoracle4

Let Go

The key is to let go, rather than attempting to control things. Control is a form of resistance, and where resistance is in operation, struggle ensues. This internal struggle then causes imbalance in our lives and disrupts harmony within the context of any relationship we are involved with now and in the future. One of the most effective ways to find and let go the root cause of any problem is through meditation and/or past-life regression. This can work even for those who don’t believe in reincarnation. Simply gaining awareness, whether it’s real or symbolic, about the long forgotten karmic reasons for any negative love or life experiences can be enough to break the pattern for good.

karma quotes-mydailyoracle4 (2)


Forgive yourself and anyone else involved with the root cause. Forgiving someone is for you; it doesn’t let anyone off the hook because of the law of karma. Guilt or resentment, which we are not always conscious of, sabotages our love lives. Focus on the present. As you focus on the present, try focusing on your breathing. Imagine each breath going out is the pain and the past, being released from your body and mind. And imagine each breath coming in is peace, entering you and filling you up. Release the pain and the past. Let peace enter your life. And go forward, thinking no longer of the past, but of peace and the present.

karma quotes-mydailyoracle2

Feel Compassion

Finally, forgive the person and realize that in forgiveness, you are allowing yourself to be happy and move on. Feel empathy for the person and wish happiness on them. Let love for them, and life in general, grow in your heart. It may take time, but if you’re stuck on this point, repeat some of the ones above until you can get here.

Match Maker Analysis

karma quotes-mydailyoracle3

Amazing Karma Website launches the website today,  1 th March 2016. The concept is based on the non-religious concept of “What Goes Around, Comes Around.” acknowledges acts of kindness, courtesy, and honesty, while exposing acts of unkindness, discourtesy, and dishonesty through the use of Karma Cards.

Once you register a Karma Card, a Karma Point is generated and added to your account. An additional Karma Point is also awarded to all members who have registered the same Karma card in the past. As long as a Karma Card you registered keeps traveling around the world and registered by others, then unlimited Karma Points are possible.

Maps are generated showing the travel of Karma Cards as you build your own niche social network based on Karma.

Karma Points may be redeemed as Karma Cash for donations to any registered 5013C charity or for any Gift Card on Earth.

We currently own over 350 Karma related URLs and 25 Karma related trademarks.

Karma Dar celebrates the launching of her website with the launch of Karma Cards and Coins into Outer Space.
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Crystals and Gemstones

Close up cut out of a Heart shaped using rainbow coloured tumbled Gem Stones on white background

A crystal is a beautiful, perfect form. It contains within it harmony, balance, clarity and perfection. A quartz crystal takes over 10,000 years to form. They come from deep within the Earth’s core, and were formed when the Earth was evolving. Natural quartz crystals, often referred to by ancient traditions as the “veils of the earth,” frozen water or frozen light, combine the elements silicon and water through a lengthy process involving heat and pressure. They are buried in the Earth, or sometimes in stream beds where they have washed down from higher ground after being dislodged. They are often found near gold. Varieties of quartz crystal, sometimes call rock crystal, are found all over the world. The largest numbers of crystals are mined in Arkansas and Brazil.


The name crystal comes from the Greek word crystallos meaning “clear ice,” for the ancient Greeks thought that these transparent rock crystals were in fact frozen water turned into stone. Another legend has it that Holy Water was poured out of the Heavens by God and frozen to ice in outer space on its voyage to Earth. Angels petrified the “Holy Ice” to preserve it as a protective blessing for humanity.

Most crystals are formed by the repetitive addition of new matter to a growing crystalline mass. Some crystals have their origin in the magma or fiery gases of the Earth’s interior or in the volcanic lava streams which reach the Earth’s surface. These minerals, which include quartz, are called igneous. They are formed by the solidification of this molten mineral as it cools and hardens. As the molten rock mass cools, the atoms group together to form the essential regularity which determines the shape and composition of the crystal.


Some crystals grow from vapors in vents in volcanic regions. This type of crystal includes sulfur, and is condensed from hot mineralized gases into a solid state as the vapors are escaping from the inner Earth.

Some crystals form from water solutions or grow with the help of organisms on or near the Earth’s surface. These crystals are know as sedimentary minerals, and are formed through the process of mechanical or chemical weathering. Air, water, wind and ice are the main erosion factors involved in dissolving the Earth’s materials that will eventually be cemented together and occasionally crystallize.

Also, new minerals are formed by the recrystallization of existing minerals under great pressure and high temperatures in the lower regions of the Earth’s crust. These metamorphic minerals undergo structural and chemical changes after the original formation, reorganizing the atoms and creating different textures, compositions and crystals.

Crystals, especially quartz crystals, express the unity of the four elements in their very being, with nothing added to them. They are of the earth: they grow in the earth and suggest the mineral evolution of our planet. Because they can transmit a piezo-electric charge, they are also expressions of fire. They are related to water both in their molecular structure and in their ice-like appearance. And just as air lets light pass through its clarity, so do crystals. In relating to crystals, then, we are relating to the concrete embodiment of the four elements-the elements of ourselves and everything around us.

When you carry a crystal around with you, you carry all the elements of creation itself, in your pocket or hung around your neck. The beauty speaks to the child within each of us and invites us into the mystery or spirit realm that resonates in and through the physical and etheric of our world and ourselves.

Primal and rural peoples all over the world have used crystals from before recorded time to heal themselves and their animals. Native American Indians, tribal peoples from Africa and South America and ancient European shamanic peoples have used crystals to strengthen their spiritual abilities and to enter psychic realms closed to everyday perception. Fortunately, some of this wisdom gathered by shamans and healers and seers has come down to us through countless generations and is being renewed among us today.

Being deeply attuned to Mother Nature is yet another way to create powerful magic. Crystals and stones can help to attune to the harmonies and energies of the Earth, and their powers can be beneficial to any who choose this method of communing with Mother Earth.


Love Compatibility Test

Kissing Frogs-vitalmag

Are you compatible with your partner or lover? When it comes to Love Compatibility, numerology based match making guarantees accurate results. Numerology can tell a lot about a person which makes numerology compatibility reading more reliable than any other love compatibility tests.

Kissing Frogs-vitalmag5

The first answer that comes to mind is many people don’t like the dating scene and don’t want to put the extra energy into finding the right partner. Some may not want to go through the dating ritual of “wining and dining” while others simply don’t know who they are or what they are looking for in a partner. The bottom line is you have to kiss a lot of toads along the way until you find your ideal mate.

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Kissing Frogs-vitalmag4

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